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Dr. J.C. Hanish Singh M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmacology, Malaysia.

Dr. M. Shahul Hameedh M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Biotechnology, Sultanate of Oman

Dr. Saravana Kumar M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept of Chemi Engine and Biotech, South Korea

Dr. Latheesh Jlal M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, KSA

Dr. Loganathan M. Pharm., Ph.D., MBA-HM, Dept. of Pharmaceutics and Technology, Malaysia

Dr. Sathis babu M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Malaysia

Dr. Prabhakaran M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Malaysia

Dr. Vijaya Santha Kumar, Dept. of Medical Science, China

(Dr.) B. Lakshmi Narayanan M.Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Tamilnadu,  India.

Dr. P. Subhash Chandra Bose M.Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutics and Technology, Telangana, India.

Dr. Sathish Kumar Dept. of Pharmaceutical Technology, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Dr. Sourab agarwal  M.Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmacology, Rajesthan, India.

Dr. K. K. Senthil Kumar M.Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutical analysis, Tamilnadu, India.

Dr. P. Parthiban M.Pharm., Ph.D., MBA-HM, Dept. of Medicinal Chemistry, Tamilnadu, India.

Dr. I. Sowkar baig M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, India.

Dr. S. Ramesh M. Pharm., Ph.D., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, India.

Mr. V. Karthikeyan M.Pharm., Dept. of Pharmacognosy, Tamilnadu, India.

Mr. J. Karthikeyan M.Pharm., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Tamilnadu India.

Mr. P. K. Babu M.Pharm., Dept.of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Tamilnadu, India.

Mr. S. Muthukumar  M.Pharm., Dept.of Pharmaceutics, Tamilnadu, India

Dr. P. Selvam M.Pharm., Ph.D., FNABS, Dept.of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, India

Dr. Chavan Bhagwat Babasaheb, Dept. of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pune, India


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    We are inviting you to participate for Research/Review Award and Win Rs. 5000/- FOR THE YEAR OF 2018-19. Original Research/Review Paper will be selected based on Quality and Reality work.
  • AWARD WINNER 2018-19
    CONGRATULATION to Mr. SENTHILKUMAR K K who is received BEST RESEARCH PAPER AWARD and Cash Prize Rs. 5000/- in the year of 2018-19. This award issued based on Quality and original output results.
    Very happy to inform you all that we have received ISSN NUMBER 2394-1618 for IJPPA. And also indexed in "National Science Library & Directory of ISSN assigned Indian Serials – 2014”
    We Invite Research/Short communication/Review articles from Pharmacy and Science related subjects for the upcoming month of March 2015. If more Papers will be uploaded in the same (additional issues) Volume.
    Next issue on May-August 2019, Invited for Research Articles, Review Article and Short Communication.
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